Top Of The Heap - Movie Night at The Tote!
Top Of The Heap - Movie Night at The Tote!
Maq presents

Top Of The Heap - Movie Night at The Tote!

with Night Of The Hunter & Night Of The Comet
The Tote - Upstairs (Collingwood, VIC)
Sunday, 29 September 2019 5:00 PM
11 days away
18 Plus
Commencing Sunday 29th September, TOP OF THE HEAP brings the picture theatre to The Tote for monthly double features upstairs. Late afternoon treats on a Sunday for all the neo maxi zoom dweebies and creatures. Melbourne’s answer to Rod Serling, your host Maq will be curating a double dose of cult/cute/freaky hits! 

Drinks from the bar and a candy bar for the dorks will keep you going for the double!

Pre show entertainment provided by your host maq intermission entertainment is also provided from local filmaphile and curator Liam Jose with thematic supercuts. Films will screen the last Sunday of each month.

Kicking off the program will be two of the best ‘The Night Of...’ features of all time. You’ve got your Living Deads, Living Dummys, Iguanas, The Generals and your Creeps but now comes...

• The Night Of The Hunter (1955)
Robert Mitchum (Cape Fear) plays a sadistic preacher it on the hunt for a coupla kidduns who’ve got his cash. Hailed as an auteur lookin’ lil picture (part of the Criterion collection) and full of stunning dreamlike imagery and bonkers-good performances. One of the coolest boogeymen of all time and full of eerie, gorgeous suspense. It may be spitballing but it’s very likely you’ve never seen anything like this before. The film night was selected by the US library of Congress for being “ culturally, historically or aesthetically significant”. The film zaps it’s way into your brain for life.

• The Night Of The Comet (1984)
End of the world / zombie features are usually packed full of boring fellas holed up in a daggy Prius or something trying to bat away their dead relatives with a crossbow. Night Of The Comet shakes that up via a couple of teenage survivors who have been spared from a comet hurtling at earth. The pair now have to deal with the living dead and a bunch of mad scientists trying to experiment on them. Like the Omega Man in neon, Night Of The Comet packs more teen drama than any John Hughes flick. Said to have inspired Buffy’s character and with more charm than a high school prom, this movie is not to be missed. 

Gold coin donation appreciated 
Upstairs At The Tote