Delirium Album Launch
Delirium Album Launch

Delirium Album Launch

with After School Care & Frontier Season
The Tote - Band Room (Collingwood, VIC)
Thursday, 28 November 2019 8:00 pm
71 days away
18 Plus
Heavy Metal
Metal / Hard Rock
DELIRIUM are launching their much awaited first full length album  'Sometimes maybe good... sometimes maybe shit' featuring their ever popular single, Oak Park Bob. After a long time between drinks from their EPs of the 90's, the DELIRIUM boys will unload their hard rock, funk and rap blends all over the Tote band room.

DELIRIUM will be joined by After School Care, who will take you to school with some riff-driven rock and then make sure you get picked up safely afterwards, and Frontier Season, who will bring their blend of uplifting electronic sounds with the harshness of metal.

10:30 Delirium
9:30 After School Care
8:30 Frontier Season
8:00 $10 entry