BABY BLUE Solo Front Bar Residency
BABY BLUE Solo Front Bar Residency

BABY BLUE Solo Front Bar Residency

wth Affection
The Tote - Front Bar (Collingwood, VIC)
Tuesday, 27 November 2018 7:00 PM
9 days away
18 Plus
Rhea Caldwell aka Baby Blue takes over The Tote front bar all alone on Tuesday nights in November to test run a new batch of songs and ideas. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Baby Blue have been around for longer than two years given their prolificacy in the Melbourne music scene. Having quickly become a staple of the local scene through their relentless gigging, the band, centred around Rhea Caldwell, have been turning heads with their infectious melodies and live show which is a joy to behold.

Lead singer and songwriter Rhea Caldwell performs with an ease few can claim to possess, tapping into sounds of 60s surf rock with a sprinkling of Americana and indie pop. The result is charming and considered concoction from an exciting new talent to watch.

Inspired to purchase an old parlour guitar while in the States, a determined Caldwell decided to write her own songs after years of never fully committing. These first attempts at songs would form the basis of Baby Blue and establish Caldwell’s trademark candid and relatable lyrics, which once she got started, flowed from her effortlessly.

Words by Holly Pereira

TUE 27
8:00 Rhea Caldwell
7:00 Affection